ACSA Success Stories

Current Graduates and Stories of Success

Solyana Ayele, Student Assistant & Peer Advisor at ACSA, Graduated Fall 2018 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, Computer Science 

Solyana Ayele 2018

Holly Summers, Student Assistant & Odyssey Peer Mentoring Executive Board Member, Graduated Fall 2018 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, Public Relations 

Holly Summers

Ta'bijah Taylor, Student Assistant Odyssey Peer Mentoring, Graduated Fall 2018 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, Biology

Ta'bijah Taylor


Mizzani Walker-Holmes, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in IT, Information Technology  


Making an Impact







Past Graduates and Stories of Success



 Jessica "Jess" Batten - Class of 2011 

Jessica Batten

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA?  2009-2011

What degree did you receive?  BS in Mathematics Education

Where do you live now?   Smyrna, GA

Are you in school, working, raising a family?  

I am currently working as a data analyst at a marketing firm. I taught high school math for four years after graduating from KSU. After I left teaching, I returned to school to get a Master's degree in Applied Statistics and then entered the corporate world.

Something you’re most proud of… I am most proud of returning to school to earn my Master's degree.

How has working at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life?

Working in the LLC helped me greatly with my former career as a math teacher. I received valuable experience explaining complex mathematical concepts to students of varying skill levels and learning styles. Working with adults that had the courage to go back to school to after  several years away also helped me with my decision to pursue another degree in mathematics.


Joseph "Joe" Bible - Class of 2009 & 2011

Joe Bible

I will be long winded in getting to the point because of the question, “What are you most proud of?”. The truth is I haven't gotten anywhere on my own and the thing I am most proud of is that I have always had people in my life that were willing to help me. Good advice fairies, mentors, observant advisors, good Samaritans, conscientious bystanders, whatever you want to call them, they are what I’m most proud of.

In the early 2000’s was working as a third shift bellman for a hotel in Atlanta. During the day, I would take a class or two here and there at a local community college until eventually earning an Associate’s. Now, the brochure for community college neglects to mention that you can’t do much with an Associate’s degree in math. Fortunately, I had a couple of professors (one specifically) who pointed this out before it was too late. After being walked through the process of applying to various universities (consequently, I was laughed out of the UGA admissions office) and after a little trial and error found myself Kennesaw bound in the Fall of 2007.

Upon arrival at Kennesaw I wandered into the (then) LLC after seeing the sign for “Tutors Wanted” in the hall. The next four years (2007-2011) were spent in a window office that Todd and I had constructed out of book shelves in the corner of the LLC helping other non-traditional students with math and acclimating themselves to university life. During that time, I received two degrees from Kennesaw my B.S. (Secondary Math Ed., 2009) and my M.S. (Applied Statistics, 2011). I could go off on another tangent as to how I ended up getting an M.S., but let it suffice to say that I was offered some good advice from people who were looking out my best interest.

The day I received my M.S. a good advice fairy paid me another visit and within a few weeks I was on my way to the University of Louisville in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Biostatistics. Consequently, this is not the way I would recommend you approach a doctoral degree, but a few bumps and bruises aside it all worked out. After Louisville, I accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in D.C., got married, got promoted, found a new job and relocated to South Carolina where I am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

So in conclusion, the answer to the question “How did working for ACSA prepare you in your current life?”, well ten years later I’m sitting in my window office, helping students with math and acclimating themselves to university life.


Himanshu Chhita - Class of 2012 & 2013


What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? I worked at the LLC mid 2011 to mid 2012

If you graduated from KSU what degree did you receive? Where do you live now?  I earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology degree and moved on to earning a Master's of Science in Applied Statistics.

Are you in school, working, raising a family? My work life consists of working at State Farm Mutual Insurance as a Process Engineer and in my home life, I have been happily married for one year.

Something you’re most proud of… I am most proud of the students that were consistently in the LLC for tutoring and have since graduated. It's great to see the end goal being achieved.

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life? Patience and effective communication skills learned while working as a tutor has translated into key leadership attributes that is applied in my day to day meetings.


Ariel Greenaway - Class of 2012 

Ariel Greenaway

I worked at the LLC/ACSA in 2011-2012

I graduated with a B.A. in African and African Diaspora Studies, currently living in Baltimore, MD

I am working currently with Serve DC The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism

I am most proud of completing a year of service as an Americorp with City Year

Working with the LLC definitely prepared me for being in a office setting, those skills have translated in to my current position and my upcoming position as a Youth Library Associate 


Heather Eustis-Fillion (Ramos) - Class of 2016


I worked at the LLC from 2014-2016.

I received a degree in Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality.

I now live in Cartersville, GA.

I am looking at going back to KSU for my Masters in either Business Admin or First Year Studies, and trying to start a family.

I am most proud of my Degree that I earned from KSU and the experiences I had along the way. Especially my time in the LLC. I still rave about it to everyone I meet going to KSU and feel that I would not have been successful in my degree if it was not for the LLC.

The LLC has furthered my experience within customer service, taught me better time management skills, and has allowed me to realize just how much i enjoy being and helping students reach their potential in life. This realization has been a driving force in my search for a career.


Andrea K. Griffin - Class of 2012

Andrea Griffin

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA - 2009-2012

What degree did you receive?   Integrative Studies 

Where do you live now? Real Del Mar, Mexico (suburb of Tijuana, Mexico about 15 miles south of San Diego)

Are you in school, working, raising a family? Working for Computers 2 San Diego Kids as their Business Development/Community Relations Director, Non Profit

Something you’re most proud of … Being on the committee of veterans that started the Student Veterans Organization

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life?  Math Tutoring was invaluable. I would not have been able to graduate without it.   Volunteering kept me engaged and connected.


SaPhenixx Hunter (Adams) - Class of 2015

Saphenixx Hunter

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? Fall 2012- Spring 2015

If you graduated from KSU what degree did you receive? Where do you live now? I graduated with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Data Analysis and Applied Statistics   

Are you in school, working, raising a family? I am working on getting my MS in Clinical Counseling. I work at Gateway Shelter currently as a Case Manager. I work on finding housing for homeless women, men and children in Metro Atlanta. I am also engaged to be married March 2018.

Something you’re most proud of… I am most proud of everything that I have accomplished as a first generation college graduated. The road has not been easy but has been worth it!

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life? Tutoring at the LLC allowed me to work with a variety of people and sparked my love for people. Just as with tutoring, I encounter a variety of people and those relationships are important. When I helped people out in a math subject, I learned different ways to approach and solve a problem. This allows me to treat the situations at my job the same and enables rapport to be built with my clients quickly and effectively.


Monique Jones - Class of 2016

 Monique Jones

I worked during the year of 2015-2016

I received a BBA in Information Systems. I currently live in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA).

I am in school now trying to obtain my MBA at Brenau University. I also work as well, I work in the IT department at Chick-fil-A, Inc. helping support their new mobile app.

I am most proud of graduating college and tackling the real world head first, with the blessing of having a job in my career field and having my own place and being able to pay for it myself without any help from my parents.

Yes, working at the LLC has been a huge help in my current life. The LLC helped me develop my business and interpersonal skills. It helped me learn how to deal with real workplace situations and it taught me how to deal with "customers" aka students and situations when they arose. With the guidance of Ms. V and Ms. Nicole they helped me shape into the young lady I am today by installing leadership, customer service, hospitality and lifestyle skills within me. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity that I had to work at the LLC.


Tabitha Lawson - Class of 2016

 Tabitha Lawson

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? August 2014 - May 2016

What degree did you receive? Where do you live now?  Bachelors of English/Minor Professional Writing; Lithia Springs, GA (Same as where I lived while attending KSU)

Are you in school, working, raising a family?  I work full time as the Government Grants Manager for MUST Ministries, Inc.

Something you’re most proud of… I worked 4 jobs while in school full time. While I did not graduate with honors, my GPA was very close. I feel that hard work has made me more appreciative of the career I now have.

How has working at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life?  Working in the LLC (ACSA) provided work experience in an office setting, including working with various people with different opinions and work styles, which helped prepare me for learning to work well with others, and to understand some professional expectations. It also allowed me to work for a boss, Ms. V, who was also a mentor and confidant. Now I can look back on that time in the LLC and apply lessons learned there to make better decisions about how I work and interact with coworkers


Sophia Monago - Class of 2014 

Sophia Monago

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA?  I worked at the LLC/ACSA from Jan - Dec 2014.

If you graduated from KSU what degree did you receive? Where do you live now? I graduated in Dec 2014 with a degree in Business Information Systems (BBA), then I graduated with a Masters degree in Marketing Strategy & Innovation from Cass Business School - City, University of London in Sept. 2016. I currently live in Alpharetta, GA, I am hoping to relocate to Washington/Oregon before years end.

Are you in school, working, raising a family? I am currently working at the moment at The Home Depot headquarters, as a Business Analyst, HR Technology & Analytics.

Something you’re most proud of…This could become quite a list, but to cut it short.. I am proud of who I am at the moment, where I am, what I have accomplished. At 22/23 years old, I had completed my Bachelors & Masters (with honours) degree (from one of the top business schools). I had acquired up to 4+ years work experience in my designated field. Collaborated with multiple billion dollar companies (JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Conde Nast, LinkedIn, etc.), and held multiple leadership positions within reputable professional societies, all whilst pursuing my degree.

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life? It was incredible, as I was able to meet brilliant people interested in learning and teaching others. I learnt to be more patient and understanding because people have different experiences and assimilate things differently. I enjoyed helping people reach their goals, and teaching as well. Through this, it evident that I wanted to be a leader, to help people grow and learn.


Danny Montenegro - Class of 2015

Danny Montenegro

I worked as a tutor during the spring semester of the 2014-2015 school year.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in biology which I am very proud of.

I spend most of time in Athens due to school, but I come home for the holidays.

I am currently in medical school, at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership, and heading into my second year.  I am proud of graduating from college and getting into Medical School.

Thinking back at my time at the LLC, I see that volunteering taught me much about myself.  To start, working at the LLC I learned the meaning of community and comradery. Within the LLC there is a sense of community among everyone who works there.  And tutoring there I also felt myself a part of this community. Therefore, working there was more enjoyable because there was a sense of belonging. What this experience has taught me is how important brotherhood or camaraderie is within a group because it creates a conducive working environment. Working at the LLC has taught me many things, but it also taught me how much I enjoyed teaching others and helping others to succeed. As an undergrad, I liked making great grades, but seeing the information I studied being utilized to help someone else was even more rewarding. Tutoring also taught me the importance of making bonds with the people that we help because when they succeed we succeed, and we feel happy for their success.  In summary, working at the LLC taught me many positive attributes about myself that I employ to this day. By working there, I learned the feeling of comradery and community and its importance in the workplace. And as I tutor, I learned how great it is to help someone, and the reward of seeing the success of the people that we help.


Danielle O'Connell - Class of 2012

Danielle OConnell

I worked at the LLC the entire four years I was a student at Kennesaw, from January 2008-December 2012

I received a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a focus in Media Studies and Concentration in Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business. I currently live in Denver, Colorado.

I recently returned to school for a second degree. I began a Bachelor of Science Nursing Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver in May 2017.

I am certainly most proud of my degree and continuing education by challenging myself in a new career and area of life! I am also a proud first-time Aunt of a precious one-year-old niece.

I am very grateful for my time at the LLC (ACSA). It gave me wonderful relationships, networking skills, and was a comfortable place to get to know and assist students with schoolwork. As an adult learner now myself, I know how valuable a place like the LLC is for growth, mentorship, and overall student success.  The LLC was an engaging work environment and I enjoyed helping out at the Center.        

Included is a picture of me cheering on the Rockies Baseball team at the Coors Field in Denver. :)


Julia "Jules" Parker - Class of 2012 and 2017

Julia Parker

I worked in the LLC from 2009-2012

In 2012, I received my BS in History Education, In May 2017 I also received My M.ed in Instructional technology.

I teach 8th grade history at Smitha Middle School.

I am the Social Studies Department head as well as the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year

Meeting and helping people from all walks of life and sharing in their stories has given me a greater appreciation of people’s struggles and their sheer determination to succeed


Shradda Patel - Class of 2016

Shradda Patel

I worked at LLC/ACSA from 2012-2016.

Major: B.S. Biotechnology with a Minor: Management and Certificate: Professional Sales​ 

I currently live in Kennesaw. I am working at a Biopharma Company in Marietta. I am part of Sterility, Bactericide-Fungicide, and Microbiology Labs.

 I am proud of who I have become. I set out to do something and I have been able to achieve that. I am proud that I can make a difference in other people's lives through my research, testing and tutoring.

I have had a great experience tutoring at LLC and have learned a lot to have continued tutoring till this day. I have helped many students, from middle school to college level, understand and overcome their difficulties in various subjects and I am glad I can still continue to keep helping more and make a difference. It's all about making learning fun and easy because you never stop learning!


David Richmond - Class of 2017

 David Richmond

I worked in the LLC/ACSA during the 2016-2017 school year.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with two minors: Applied Statistics and Data Analysis; Spanish. I now live in Greensboro, NC.

I am in a PhD program for Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

I am most proud of being a recipient of the HBGI Title III PhD Fellowship. 

 While tutoring in ACSA, I was able to review critical material from previous courses I had already had taken. By tutoring, I was able to help students, but also able to dive deeper into my favorite subjects.


Rashad Sadigov - Class of 2012

Rashad Sadigov

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? 2011-2012

What degree did you receive? Where do you live now? MBA in Finance / Dallas TX

Are you in school, working, raising a family? Working at Lehigh Hanson Inc.

Something you’re most proud of…That I got the chance of working for Veronica Jones. Best supervisor ever

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life?  Tutoring at LLC shaped my teaching skills. After graduating I returned back to Azerbaijan and started lecturing a class of special talented students with Corporate Finance and Accounting at Economic University.


Mariah Simmons - Class of 2015 & 2018

Mariah Simmons

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? 2011-2015

What degree did you receive? Where do you live now?    BS Mathematics Education, Gifted Endorsement, I live in Kennesaw

Are you in school, working, raising a family? Working on my M.Ed, I am a teacher for Cobb County Schools

Something you’re most proud of…I am most proud of my career as a teacher and proud of entering my last year as a grad student (grad date: May 2018)

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life?  I have learned so much about teaching students and individualizing education through tutoring at the LLC. Many of the skills have been easily transferrable. I have also learned leadership and organizational skills as the inaugural Student Assistant Supervisor. This has helped me to become a PLC Lead for the Geometry Team at Campbell High School.


Lindsay Shaughnessy - Class of 2012

Lindsay Shaughnessy

I worked in the ASCA from August of 2009 to May of 2013 as a math tutor.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in December of 2012. After graduating, I stuck around the ASCA until I no longer qualified as work-study (because the ASCA is just the best). Since then, I’ve moved to Atlanta, Columbus, GA, Marietta, and am now in Valley, AL.

Currently, I am working at Southern Union State Community College in Opelika, AL as the lead math tutor while also attending Auburn University as a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My significant other, Derrick Roberts, and I got engaged in February of 2017 and are getting married in April of 2018!

I am most proud of finding/doing something everyday that I am passionate about—tutoring mathematics, and one day teaching at the college level. Many have discouraged me from working in education for financial reasons. But when you’ve found something you love, and you’re good at it, stick with it because it’s totally worth it. There isn’t a day that I wake up and think “I don’t want to go to work today,” and that’s a pretty incredible feeling. I am most certainly proud of that.

Working in the ASCA allowed me the experience of working with individuals from all walks of life—traditional, non-traditional, and international students. Working with a diverse group has made me a more dynamic and aware individual on a personal and professional level. The skills developed at the ASCA (tutoring, greeting students, working one on one with students, managing some scheduling aspects of WC Online, and learning to tutor online through Blackboard Collaborate) has directly contributed to my success in my current (and previous) employment.


Megan Stein - Class of 2010

Megan Stein

What years did you work at the LLC/ACSA? 2008-2010 I think. About two years between the years 2006 and 2010

If you graduated from KSU what degree did you receive? Where do you live now?    I earned a Bachelors of science in middle grades education. Concentrations in math and science. I live in Woodstock, GA.

Are you in school, working, raising a family? I teach 8th grade physical science at McCleskey Middle School in Cobb County. I have been married since 2013 and my husband and I are raising our wonderful son, Harrison, who is 2 years old.

Something you’re most proud of…professionally, I'm proud to have graduated from KSU with a teaching degree. My reputation and hard work in undergraduate earned me a recommendation to graduate student teaching early where I began my first and current job teaching at McCleskey.

How has working/tutoring/volunteering at the LLC (new name ACSA) helped you in your current life? I learned that there are all types of learners. At the ASCA I met students who were not naturally inclined in mathematics, but were diligent learners. In that role, I was close enough to my own math learnings experiences to remember what it was like to learn the content rather than to just know it. This helped me realize the importance of recalling your own learning experiences in order to be a good teacher.