Mission and Goals


Vision Statement

Adult and Commuter Student Affairs strives to be a premier academic support unit at Kennesaw State University promoting a strong Georgia workforce both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mission Statement

The mission of Adult and Commuter Student Affairs is to support and enhance the educational and developmental experiences of the adult learner and commuter students. Innovative and quality services, programs, resources, and activities are offered in an effort to meet the need for integration of all aspects of the adult learner and commuter students. Adult and Commuter Student Affairs also facilitates a sense of belonging and community for students through our commuter center.

Program Goals

The specific character and mission of Adult and Commuter Student Affairs is further delineated by the following goals:

  • To encourage student enrollment, success and persistence by providing individualized services such as peer academic support, advising and advocacy.
  • To develop collaborative partnerships, on and off campus, that foster necessary and innovative programs, activities and services for adult and commuter students.
  • To facilitate a sense of identity, belonging and community by providing a gathering place for students to network.
  • To enhance academic support of learners through the use of technology.
  • To provide ease to adult and commuter students, faculty and staff in the process of acquiring campus and community information.
  • To utilize appropriate assessment measures to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of programs and services offered to commuter students. 

Ten Principles for Effectively Serving Adults

Our Story

Kennesaw State University answered the expressed needs for programming, services, and advocacy for the returning adult by establishing the Office of Adult Learner Programs in 1987. Founded by Dr. Toby Hopper (former Dean of Students at KSU), Adult and Commuter Student Affairs (formerly Adult Learner Programs) has grown into a national example for garnering both academic and social support for adult learners, commuters, and nontraditional students.

Adult and Commuter Student Affairs (ACSA) is a comprehensive academic support service committed to improving the retention and persistence of nontraditional and commuter students. Our program seeks to enhance the university experience by providing a community of support for students returning to college or starting college later in life. Programming initiatives are designed to improve academic skills and increase commuter student engagement. Initiatives include peer academic support, precollege and transition services, advising, a commuter lounge and adult learner centered events.

The program recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Over the years, Adult and Commuter Student Affairs has been recognized numerous times for best practices and innovation. In 2008, the program was recognized in the publication, Serving Adult Learners: A Handbook for Effective Practice. The program’s efforts earned KSU recognition as the top rated university in the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education’s (ANTSHE) national survey for measuring nontraditional student friendliness in 2010. ACSA was the winner of the Georgia College Personnel Association's (GCPA) Outstanding Student Learning Program Award in 2013. In 2014, ACSA  won the Outstanding Adult Learner Program Award from the American College Personnel Association College (ACPA). In 2018, Adult and Commuter Student Affairs was recognized by the University of Georgia Board of Regents and awarded Outstanding Adult Learner Center.